Novel ways to serve a summer punch

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A summer party or BBQ is the ideal time to dust off the punch bowl and treat your guests to a refreshing homemade punch.

Both alcohol and non-alcoholic punch recipes are easy to find, with some families handing down recipes from generation to generation, and the same can often be said of the punch bowl. For a new take on the traditional way to serve a punch, consider investing in a drinks dispenser, the new trend for party-sized cocktails.

Drink dispensers are growing in popularity, and can usually hold a lot more than the average punch bowl. There are lots of different styles, shapes and sizes suitable for almost any occasion. Push the boat out and choose a beautiful engraved crystal dispenser for a glamorous touch, or choose one to fit a theme. For example, a Marrakech-styled dispenser is a lovely way to serve a refreshing mint and juniper punch, ideal to accompany lamb kebabs and couscous.

There are cactus-shaped dispensers and over-sized mason jars, great for a tequila-based drink and American theme. Alternatively, multi-layered dispensers offer drinkers a choice, try mixing and matching with alcohol-free options. Some dispensers are also made of acrylic, perfect for taking on a picnic or to the beach without the worry of breakages.

However you choose to serve your summer party drinks, with a traditional punch bowl or with something a bit more quirky, here at H Cooper Glass Engravers we have some lovely engraved glassware which would be the perfect match.

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