Australian whisky tasting festival goes ‘virtual’

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Disappointed whisky lovers are to be invited to take part in a ‘virtual’ whisky tasting festival, as organised tasting events around the globe are cancelled due to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

The Virtual Whisky Show is planning to send ticket holders from the Melbourne festival, due to be held on 18th April, a selection of whiskies to be sampled at home. An online app is being developed so that participants can share reviews and tasting notes with other festival goers. Organiser, David Ligoff, explains:

“We wanted to find a way to keep the whisky flowing while people are at home doing the right thing by self-isolation. We’ve developed a unique way to bring the show to you in the comfort of your own home.”

A selection of several 10ml whisky samples will be posted to ticket holders, and will contain a selection of whiskies that would have been presented at the live festival. This will include expressions from Shelter Point, Woodford Reserve, Millstone, Koval, Old Forester, Legent, and Wild Turkey. All the taster has to do is add their own favourite engraved whisky glass. Any whiskies that take the taster’s fancy will be available to buy at a special show price.

A live streaming event will kick off the show on April 18th, with a communal ‘cheers’ to officially launch the virtual tasting festival. The organisers aim to provide, as near as possible, the same experience for tasters that they would have had if the live show had been able to go ahead as planned.

With pubs and bars closed in the UK, organisers of similar British events may consider doing something similar.

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