All you need to know about Amaretto Day

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Tomorrow, on 19th April, many people across the globe will be toasting to Amaretto Day. Why not celebrate the day in style by enjoying this smooth Italian spirit in engraved glassware?

History of Amaretto Day

Going back to the Italian Renaissance of the 14th century, the legend of amaretto claims that the drink was originally created in the city of Saronno. The origin stories of the liquor state that artist Bernardino Luini was commissioned to paint the sanctuary of a Saronno church and that he based his image of the mother of Christ on a local innkeeper. She was so pleased with this that the innkeeper created a drink of brandy with distilled apricot kernels and gave it to the artist as a gift.

It is not known how accurate this legend is, but Saronno is well known for the liquor, and from there, it is distributed around the world.

How to celebrate Amaretto Day

Amaretto is made using almonds or apricot kernels, or sometimes both. These are bitter ingredients, with the name amaretto meaning ‘a little bitter’ in Italian. The day can be celebrated by either baking or mixing a drink, as the flavour and aroma of the liquor is very popular in both. An Amaretto Sour is probably one of the most popular cocktails using the liquor. To create this drink, mix lemon juice, maple syrup, sparkling water and bitters to the liquor and serve over ice in a large tumbler or cocktail glass.

Enjoy this special day by experimenting with recipes for both drinks and baked goods, sharing them with friends and family.

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