Why are red and white wine glasses shaped differently?

From Mother’s Day to any of your important anniversaries, engraved glasses make great gifts for wine lovers. However, before selecting an inscription, it’s worth carefully considering which type of glass to buy. Wine glasses are designed to maximise the enjoyment and appreciation of those drinking, and vary greatly between those for red and white. (more…)


One-of-a-kind cocktail trunk offered with luxury glassware

When most drinks enthusiasts consider establishing a home bar, they typically start selecting luxury engraved glasses and bottles from the best brands. Now, a collaboration between a South African artist, known as Johnathan Shultz, and Pernod Ricard is offering another option. However, interested parties will need to act fast and have plenty of funds at their disposal. (more…)


A brief history of whisky glasses

Distillers of whisky have experimented with different casks and woods to impart unique flavours in their beverages. In the same way, glassblowers have made various types of glasses to improve the flavour.Engraved glasses make (more…)