What’s involved in point and stipple engraving?

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In its simplest form, glass engraving features a tool used to abrade the surface of a trophy, glass or other item to leave a mark. Multiple methods and tools exist to achieve this objective, ranging from the basic diamond-point hand tools to more complex machinery like lasers. In this blog, we’ll explore two kinds of engraving technique – point and stipple.

What is point engraving?

Sometimes referred to as “line engraving” or “scratch engraving”, this technique involves making marks on glass with a tungsten carbide or diamond point which is hand-held. The point is either held in the hand or at the tip of a scriber and scratches the glass surface to form a contrasting white line sparkling in the light.

What is stipple engraving?

Stipple engraving is never performed by a machine. Instead, an exceptionally sharp and hard point is tapped by hand on the surface of crystal glass. Tiny dots are produced and slowly form the design. To create a whiter surface mark, the dots must be as close together as possible. By varying the density of dots, engravers can produce a scale of tones, ranging from the black of the unmarked glass to the bright white of the areas which is closely engraved. The result is an ethereal and delicate effect.

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