How to celebrate Vodka Day in style

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Monday, 4th October is Vodka Day, and what better way to celebrate than with family and friends. There’s just enough time to make some preparations, so grab yourself some choice ingredients and get out your best engraved crystal glasses.

Cocktail time

Get together a range of vodkas, mixers and special ingredients for your guests to invent their own cocktails – you could even have score cards for a bit of competitive fun. However, you might prefer to stick to some classics like a Harvey Wallbanger, Screwdriver or a Black Russian. You could have a theme, such as James Bond and his famous Vodka Martini.

Vodka infusions

Infusions take around three to seven days, so now’s the perfect time to start, especially with all the fruit that’s waiting to be harvested. All you need is vodka, sugar, a large sealable jar and fruit. Place the fruit of your choice with a little sugar into the jar, fill with vodka and seal. Gentle turn the jar every day to make sure the fruit and vodka mix. When ready, strain and serve in your favourite crystal glass and enjoy.

Try something new

If you’re an ardent vodka fan, you could try a different brand to your usual. There’s such a wide range on today’s market that a little research could be fun. Host a tasting session to see which one comes out as everyone’s favourite or ask guests to bring their favourite brands – after all, variety is the spice of life.

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