Music and beer lovers offered limited edition bottle caps

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Fans of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, or simply lovers of beer, will soon be able to collect limited edition Trooper beer bottle caps, each depicting a cover from the band’s iconic studio albums.

The exclusive offer is due to coincide with the band’s current ‘Legacy of the Beast’ 2019 tour, and will be released during October. The caps will only be available on Trooper Beer, produced by Robinsons Brewery, and there are 16 to collect in total. It is hoped fans of the band and of Trooper beer will want to collect the caps before pouring the beer into their engraved drinking glasses.

Sam Kennerley, Trooper brand manager for Robinsons, explains:

“Iron Maiden and Trooper fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the world, so we wanted to create something completely new and different for them.”

Trooper beer was created in recognition of one of Iron Maiden’s most iconic songs, The Trooper, which was released 20th June, 1983. The song was based on the Charge of the Light Brigade and is one of the band’s best-known works. Fans can also look out for the special caps on a limited edition bottle due to be released for Halloween, called the ‘Day of the Dead’.

Robinson describes how the bottle caps are a unique way to celebrate some of the amazing artwork the album covers’ display. It is hoped they become as collectable as engraved drinkware, and a special display case is available to help show off the collection.

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