A guide to making sangria

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Once again, Sangria Day will be celebrated by many today. So, what is it about this fruity concoction that makes it so popular? Read on for a brief guide on how to make the perfect sangria.

Sangria Day

Sangria Day celebrates the versatile, refreshing drink that is thought to have originated in Spain and Portugal. It is believed that sangria comes from the Ancient Roman practices of drinking fermented drinks, adding sugar and spices to wine and adding alcohol to water.


Sangria is a wine-based cocktail, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive bottle in the shop. Any dry red wine should be fine to give this cocktail its rich flavour and colour. Sangria also usually includes stronger alcoholic elements, which vary greatly. Brandy seems to be the most commonly used, with orange-flavoured spirits and fortified wines also being popular.


In order to be able to enjoy your sangria without falling off your chair after one glass, a mixer will need to be added. Soda water is very popular; however, some people prefer to add lemonade or fizzy orange to add to the sweetness of the flavour.


Seasonal fruit is usually the best option when it comes to enhancing this cocktail further. The more fruit, the better, and chopping it into smaller pieces means you can easily enjoy the treat of the marinated fruit when you get to the bottom of your glass.

Across the world, there are many varieties of this popular drink, and it can be enjoyed at all different occasions during all seasons. Why not try serving in engraved highball glasses for an extra special treat?

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