Southern Comfort releases trousers with pocket for drinking glass

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Southern Comfort, the popular global whisky liqueur brand, has recently released a new branded item just in time for Thanksgiving in America, and it’s not a new drink or even a new flavour, it’s a pair of ‘Drinking Pants’, or drinking trousers if you’re from the UK.

According to the Vice President of Southern Comfort’s Global Marketing, these trousers or ‘Drinking Pants’ have been made especially for a limited time around Thanksgiving. Their market research concluded that although casual clothes are now in fashion after the pandemic, most clothes are missing that special pocket for their favourite engraved shot glasses.

The trousers have been designed with a pocket that fits your typical engraved shot glass. Not only that, but the waist is adjustable so wearers can eat as much holiday food as they want; they are also reversible so that you can have two modes for any festive gatherings: party mode and fancy mode. Each side of the Drinking Pants has a shot glass pocket so you can take your engraved shot glass to a casual party or a fancy dinner.

The new trousers are being released in line with the whisky brand’s new campaign ‘So Tasteful’. This campaign, which is Southern Comfort’s first global campaign in more than 10 years, aims to celebrate tasteful behaviour which only lasts until the shots come out. The campaign has been promoted with a new advert which features a man dressed as a bottle of Southern Comfort.

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