Corporate Awards

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Are corporate awards and award ceremonies worth the expense? The short answer is yes, and here’s why.

What use are corporate awards?

Companies need to boost their reputation and stand out above competitors in crowded markets, and a corporate award can achieve this, which can then help to boost sales.

Having a commitment to diversity, reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint and contributing to the local community can all raise a company’s social responsibility reputation. It is important that a company is known for being a good place to work at.

Awards for environmental responsibility in business, awards for being a top company to work for and local civic awards can also raise the reputation of a business, and this attracts both new clients and quality staff.

Further Corporate Awards

We have many corporate awards for different occasions

How do employee awards benefit a company?

There are three main reasons to give employee awards: to increase staff retention, increase the productivity of staff and encourage positivity in the workplace.

It can be difficult to recruit quality employees and then keep them. Awards that recognise the hard work of individuals can help to retain talent.

Employee awards energise and engage employees. If staff see a colleague receiving an award for outstanding work, they are motivated to strive to achieve their own award. Competitions encourage friendly rivalry between teams of workers. This results in increased productivity.

Awards create a culture of recognition, appreciation and celebrate success. Some companies give awards for acts of kindness to employees. This nurtures a positive attitude amongst staff.

Increased staff retention, productivity and a positive staff attitude impact a company in a positive way. Customer service can then be improved and more sales can be achieved, which can then lead to increased profits and higher share prices.

Why do customers need awards?

Many companies identify VIP customers – those who spend a lot or make frequent purchases. Upgrading a customer to VIP status can convert an inactive customer to an active one.

A VIP customer needs to feel that they are special. Exclusive offers, early access deals and discounts encourage more orders. A dedicated customer service person also helps VIP clients feel special.

Awards are a great way to make VIP clients feel extra special. An engraved glass award personalised with the client’s name makes them feel extra valued and increases their loyalty to the company brand.

Why choose engraved glass corporate awards?

There are many forms of corporate awards, and an engraved glass award is perhaps one of the most stylish types. Companies proudly display glass awards for visitors to see, employees can display them on their desks and recipients can proudly hold them high at award ceremonies.

At H Cooper Glass Engravers, we have a range of quality glass corporate awards that are engraved with a personalised message and a company logo. Choose luxury crystal or beautiful glass awards in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and style preferences. Order your engraved corporate awards today, or contact us for more information on the benefits of corporate engraved glass awards.

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