New spiced rum developed in time for winter

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Former gin distiller Steampunk Ltd, based in Gateshead, has recently launched its very first rum, with the flavour of choice being that of ‘Voodoo Spice’.

By all accounts, the Caribbean rum certainly warms the insides with its rich and complicated mix of ginger, black pepper and vanilla. The rum was officially launched at the Ouseburn’s Arch 2 Brewery and Tap in Newcastle, and is now poised to flood the market.

Not only does the rum itself seem set to impress, but Steampunk’s managing director, Charlie Gibbs, has suggested several weird and wonderful mixers with which to enjoy the spirit. As well as the option of drinking the rum neat or paired with the fairly conventional ginger ale or cola, Gibbs has recommended its particular success when mixed with a flavoured tonic such as rhubarb and ginger, or cinnamon and blood orange.

Gibbs is highly optimistic about his new rum’s appeal, stating that it is bringing a “classic drink” into contemporary times. Nor was the timing of this launch left to chance, as he explains:

“There’s every indication rum will enjoy a craft renaissance in the way gin has in recent times.”

Like all spirits, rum boasts its very own style of glass, with its curved sides and slightly protruding lip to release the sensual aromas. Why not browse our fabulous range of engraved drinkware today to find the perfect tumbler from which to enjoy this exciting new addition to the world of rum?

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