Five adventurous new cocktails for the summer

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Nearly everyone has a favourite cocktail that is their go-to summer drink, but why not try something different? For the adventurous, here is a selection of new cocktails that combine some unusual ingredients.

Bacon Cherry Creek
The perfect choice for bacon lovers everywhere, the Bacon Cherry Creek is made by adding strips of crispy bacon to infuse Knob Creek bourbon. The liquor is then mixed with a cherry and cinnamon syrup and a good ruby port.

The Root to Longevity Cocktail
A simple recipe which uses sweet beetroot puree, Plymouth Gin, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. This is a great cocktail for gardeners after a hard day’s digging, offering a ‘fresh from the garden’ taste.

The Marriage of Figaro
The sweet taste of fig infused bourbon is spiced up with more bourbon and a dram of the wine-based aperitif, Cardamaro and allspice. The flavours marry together perfectly for a delicious after-dinner digestif.

Eucalyptus Martini
The classic martini is given a refreshing makeover with this clever combination. Taking a simple sugar, water and eucalyptus syrup as a starting point, add gin, lime and beaten egg, for a completely different taste sensation.

Beer, Bourbon & Barbecue Cocktail
A barbecue chef’s dream drink. Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce is watered down to make the special water needed for this cocktail. Add to that some Maker’s Mark bourbon, Evan Williams Honey Liqueur, a Hefeweizen beer and some fresh orange juice for a sizzling combination.

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