The five steps to wine appreciation

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If you are a wine expert or a wine novice, the five steps used to fully appreciate a good wine is easy (and enjoyable) to learn. Follow the 5S technique for a greater understanding of how different wines deliver on taste.


Looking at the clarity and colour is the first step to take. A cloudy wine or hazy wine could indicate bad quality or an unfiltered wine which will impact on taste. Holding your glass up to the light, the wine should appear clear and with a good colour.


Swirling gives the wine maximum exposure to oxygen, which is important to help the wine breathe and open up. Taking a favourite engraved wine glass and giving it a good swirl will only add to the aromas released.


After swirling, bury your nose in the glass and take a deep sniff of the wine, and you will see how the swirling has intensified the aromas. Smelling also highlights any hidden faults in a wine.


After your nose has had its fill, then take a sip and savour the full flavour of the wine. Allowing the liquid to roll around your mouth and tongue lets the wine touch all your taste buds, sweet and bitter, this will give you the most pleasure as different taste sensations are experienced.


Spitting out the wine should only be an option if the wine is bad, a good wine needs to be swallowed slowly to allow the flavours to linger, letting the taste intensify as it glides down your throat.

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