Unusual drinking vessels prove too much for some drinkers

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A social media campaign, #wewantglasses, has been gathering strength, as drinkers share their disbelief and frustrations at some of the very unusual items bars and restaurants are now using in which to serve customer’s drinks.

With competition hot, it seems that bars, clubs and restaurants are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of presentation, and the more bizarre the better.

Photographs posted on social media sites have included a range of weird and wonderful alternatives to the humble drinking glass. From everyday items such as jam jars, milk bottles, light bulbs and measuring jugs to reproducing miniature versions of bath tubs (complete with miniature rubber ducks), plant pots, and laundry baskets. It seems that anything is possible.

One Twitter user, Kevin King, explains his latest experience:

“Well I was expecting my drink in a glass but hey why not just pop it in a plastic bag, colour it blue and put an orange peel fish in it?”

A similar post shows a picture of a filled broken cocktail glass with the stem laying to one side, and another post takes delight in the fact that their drink was served in half a chocolate egg.

While the trend for funky and unique drinking vessels seems to be here to stay, the call for a return to normal drinkware, whether that’s straight beer glasses or lovely engraved champagne flutes, would appear to be gathering support, as drinkers complain that restaurants and bars are making it increasingly difficult to eat and drink from these distinctly different presentations.

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