Snoop Dogg launches new sparkling wine in the UK

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Rapper turned wine connoisseur Snoop Dogg has recently launched his own wine brand called Cali by Snoop, inspired by the chilled-out lifestyle of his home state California. The brand kicks off with a new bottle of sparkling ‘Cali Red’ available in UK supermarkets now.

The new Cali by Snoop brand is said to be a homage to individuals like Snoop Dogg himself who have been able to beat the odds and become significant cultural leaders.

The Cali Red debut brings fruity and smoky flavours and a taste of the relaxed California lifestyle to red wine fans in the UK, who can now buy this in local supermarkets and enjoy its warmth this winter. According to reports, the best way to enjoy the wine is from a casual engraved glass tumbler.

The launch of the new brand follows Snoop’s partnership with Treasury Wine Estates and has seen fellow rap artists in the UK come together to celebrate with a Californian style rap cypher. Rappers such as Skittles, Chunky, Blind Mic, and OneDa got together and shared a bottle of the Cali Red and performed, with fans being able to watch this online.

Following the launch of the Cali Red and the subsequent popularity of this performance via social media, Snoop Dogg is hosting an event in London to celebrate his new brand and will bring a number of up-and-coming rappers such as Blind Mic, Sparkz, and Chunky to perform live for an audience.

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