Rare opportunity for whisky lovers

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The Isle of Arran Distillers are offering whisky lovers the rare opportunity to own one of the first casks of a new, single malt whisky to be produced at a new distillery in Lagg on the Isle of Arran.

It is the first time in over 170 years that new casks will be filled in the southern region of the Isle of Arran, which has a long tradition of whisky production.

The casks, which once held Bourbon, are to be filled with a peaty, single malt whisky in late 2018, when the new distillery becomes fully operational. Priced at £6,000 each, the owners of each cask can expect to bottle approximately 280, 70cl bottles of single malt whisky, with an abv of around 46%.

The whisky will be left for at least ten years to mature, with owners having the option to either bottle their investment or leave it to mature a little longer for an additional yearly fee. The distillers are making the first 700 casks available for private purchase.

James MacTaggart, a master distiller, said:

“To own one of the first casks from a distillery is a rare opportunity indeed, and with my years of experience in the industry I firmly believe the Lagg single malt will mature into something truly magical.”

Savouring a dram or two of your own whisky in a specially engraved whisky glass may be the opportunity some connoisseurs are looking for to fully appreciate the best of whisky drinking.

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