Retro drinks to savour this summer

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With the pandemic restrictions gradually easing, thoughts of enjoying that great British pastime, the barbecue, are once again at the forefront of our minds. Hot summer days and balmy evenings are the perfect time to sample a tipple or two, and this year’s hot trend is fruit-laden cocktails, slushies, smoothies and spritzers. Here are some ideas for your next garden get-together:


Originating from sunny Spain, sangria is the perfect punch to get you in the holiday mood. Packed with seasonal fruit, red wine is enhanced with a generous measure of brandy and topped up with soda. It’s great for using up those red wines that may not quite make the cut on their own, and it’s a party favourite.


A slightly sparkling red wine from the Italian vineyards of Lombardi and Emilia-Romagna, Lambrusco became popular in the 1970s, with its sweet taste and low-alcohol gravity. Today’s variations are a little drier and have more punch, with a fruitier flavour, and they pair beautifully with salami and olives. Lambrusco is best served chilled to preserve the wine’s fizz.


A good zinfandel can hold its own against burgers and ribs, so it’s a great choice as a barbecue drink. Varieties tend to be high gravity, at around 15 to 16 percent, but it is possible to find some at around 13 percent. With its rosé hue, white zinfandel has been a popular choice since the 1980s.

Take a trip down memory lane with these retro drinks and enjoy using your best engraved wine glasses.

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