Latest trends see ready-mixed cocktails on the rise

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Ready-meals have been around for a long time and are a convenient and essential part of many people’s weekly shop. Pre-mixed cocktails have also been available for a number of years, offering an affordable alternative to the conventional tipples of wines and spirits, but the latest trend to hit the marketplace are ‘craft cocktail’ mixes.

As the ready-meal market has grown to include many gourmet options, so too has the pre-mixed cocktail market, with the trend to provide many top-end cocktail mixes booming.

Using ingredients that are not easily available to most people, such as raspberry eau de vie or Persian lime, and spirits that would prove very expensive to buy by the individual bottle, pre-mixed cocktails are a good way to sample something that you wouldn’t normally try.

Exotic and unusual flavours are usually the reserve of smart cocktail bars in major cities, so this new trend has great appeal to many provincial drinkers, who can now get the latest ‘craft cocktail’ straight off their supermarket shelf. Pre-mixes can come in two types, one where the alcohol is included and a non-alcoholic version, offering you the chance to add or not.

As with any drink, making sure that you use the correct glass can improve your experience and enjoyment, especially when trying a premium cocktail. Having engraved cocktail glasses on hand for that Rainy Day Spritz or Persian Lime and Nori Margarita is a must. Here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we are happy to supply a range of glasses.

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