A brief history of rum to mark Rum Day

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The 2019 Rum Day falls on August 16th, and what better way to celebrate than with a summer BBQ complete with a fruity rum punch or selection of rum cocktails.

This flavoursome drink has become more and more popular over the years, and is fast becoming the number one choice among discerning drinkers. There is now a wide range of rums available, with varieties suitable for every palate. The drink once regarded as the ‘devil’s drink’ is proving to be a world leader in the spirit’s market.

First discovered in the Caribbean by slaves, the process of distilling molasses into alcohol was eventually perfected by the Colonials into the refined rum we know and love today. The easy production of rum starts with the distillation of sugarcane by-products, which is either the juices or molasses.

Rum is clear when distilled and it is from the addition of flavourings and seasoning that the colour and taste changes. When it was first discovered, rum was often used in the Caribbean as a means of bribery during elections and also as currency for trading.

A Rum Day celebration could include a selection of cocktails such as Pina Coladas, Cuba Libras, Daiquiris, Mai-Tais, Mojitos and Planter’s Punch, which are perfect to accompany a tasty Caribbean-style BBQ. It is also a good excuse to get out your engraved drinking glasses. For an extra special touch, here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, our glass engraving service could even personalise your drinkware to commemorate Rum Day 2019.

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