Three classic summer cocktails

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With summer around the corner and British weather gradually getting milder, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for those occasions when a refreshing cocktail is the ideal beverage. Here are three cocktails to enjoy this summer.


This classic rum-based cocktail is perfect for a summer barbeque or a quiet, relaxing evening. Mix crushed mint leaves, lime juice and sugar together and tip into a tall glass over ice. Pour the rum over the mixture, stirring as you go, then top up with soda and garnish with more mint.


Serving a Bellini in an engraved champagne flute adds even more elegance to this already classy cocktail, ideal for summer celebrations. There are many variations of the Bellini, but sometimes, you just can’t beat the original. Simply place peach puree or nectar into the flute, filling approximately a third of the glass, and then top up with prosecco. Simple perfection!


The essential ingredients of a Daiquiri are white rum, sugar and lime. There are a number of twists on the Daiquiri that people enjoy, the strawberry version being very popular. Put a handful of very ripe strawberries in a shaker and crush them slightly before adding the rum, sugar and lime. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve.

These iconic cocktails are ideal for any occasion, especially in the summer months for that much-needed refreshment. There are so many frozen, fruity and herby recipes to choose from, but many people enjoy these classics. You could always use the basic ingredients and add a twist of your own!

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