Which type of water should you add to whisky?

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The debate surrounding whether you should add water or not to whisky has been around for years. Some felt that adding water would dilute the spirit, weakening the taste, while proponents said that the full flavour is only truly enhanced with a little water.

After several scientific studies, it was concluded that adding water was just catering to an individual’s palate, and the addition of water merely fine-tuned the whisky to suit the drinker.

The debate nowadays concerns which type of water is best. Purists insists that only natural spring water from the actual distillery source will do, for example a Speyside whisky should only be accompanied by Speyside water. Others suggest only distilled or de-ionised water will get rid of the impurities found in tap water. Experts have also suggested that ordinary tap water has too much chlorine in and should never even be considered adding to whisky.

Some of these different water types require specially bottled water, which in some cases can cost more than the actual whisky it is meant to be accompanying. For instance, Larkfire have released a range of mini-bar sized cans of Scottish water, sourced from the Isle of Lewis, which is in the Outer Hebrides, that work out at around £45 a litre.

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