San Antonio Zoo launches wine to support wildlife conservation

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A zoo in America has recently produced a new wine. In partnership with Kerville Hills Winery in Texas, the San Antonio Zoo has recently launched its own wine with the agreement that all proceeds fund wildlife conservation efforts.

Chief Operating Officer of the San Antonio Zoo and Kerville Hills Winery’s Director of Marketing have paired up to launch the new wine, named Conservino, with the sole purpose to support wildlife.

It was officially launched on Friday, November 11 at the Zoobilation Ball held at the zoo itself, but initially, the Zoo announced the new collaboration via a Twitter post:

“Today, San Antonio Zoo announced a new partnership with John Rivenburgh, Proprietor and Award-Winning Director of Wine Making at Kerrville Hills Winery, for Conservino, a red and white wine helping to secure a future for wildlife.”

Tim Morrow, the San Antonio Zoo’s President and CEO, has expressed how excited they are to partner with the Winery and provide not only great tasting wines but also help conservation programs grow.

All Conservino wine proceeds will support worldwide conservation efforts as well as local wildlife, and the product joins the San Antonio Zoo’s Conserveza beer as an additional effort to support the cause.

The new wine comes in both red and white so you can pick your preference and it can be enjoyed in your favourite engraved wine glass. Every bottle contributes to the overall mission to help wildlife and is also available for San Antonio Zoo private events.

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