Italian wines enjoy surge in popularity

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According to London-based wine merchants Justerini & Brooks, sales of Italian wines are up 30% this year, reaching new levels of popularity among fans of the beverage.

Italian wineries, particularly in the Tuscany and Piedmont regions, are beginning to compete with the ever dominant French producers. Justerini & Brooks recently reported that Piedmont wines are its fourth biggest sellers, close behind its famous French counterparts.

The latest annual Liv-Ex Power 100 report, which ranks the top brands in the market, revealed even more success for Italy when it was published in January. Tuscan producer Tenuta San Guido broke into the top ten with a Cabernet Sauvignon called ‘Sassicaia’ ranking in seventh place, securing Italy’s place amongst the most iconic names in the world of fine wines.

Italian producers offer wine lovers something a little different, with vineyards full of a wide range of native grapes. With up to 2,000 grape varieties, Italy produces the largest selection of wines in the world, and it is this diversity that Italian wineries are best known for.

These unique grapes produce wines that are refreshingly unusual and are even starting to win the attention of collectors, becoming vital additions to their personal assortments.

Wines from Italy also tend to be a little more affordable, without compromising on quality or production size, making them a much more appealing option for curious consumers looking for something new to try.

Why not treat yourself and dig out your favourite engraved wine glass to see whether you think Italian wines live up to their new-found fame?

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