Master distiller honoured with named whisky expression

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For over 40 years, master distiller Alan Winchester has worked in the whisky industry, and Glenlivet has honoured his career by naming its latest expression after him.

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1967 retails at around $25,000 a bottle, with only 150 bottles available to buy. The single malt whisky has sat in American oak barrels for over 50 years to mature, before being filtered and bottled. Tasting notes describe apricot jam, toasted almonds and sweet peaches on the nose, with milk chocolate and orange on the palate.

Describing the release of the milestone malt, Alan Winchester said:

“The launch of Vintage 1967 is a momentous occasion for The Glenlivet, and a particularly proud one for me personally. To have my name associated with one of the finest single malts that money can buy is an honour.”

The bottle and case have been designed by the award-winning Bethan Gray, who takes her inspiration from the majestic Cairngorms National Park where the whisky is distilled. The designer also describes her inspiration as coming from her grandfather, who worked in the Cairngorms National Park as a forester.

Hand-blown bottles have been engraved and hand-painted to reflect the mist that often shrouds the Glenlivet distillery. The engraved glass bottles are a soft ombre colour which mimics the maturing process. The case is made from maple with copper overlays in honour of the distilleries copper stills, and a mother-of-pearl inlay reflects the rare freshwater pearl mussel shells particular to Spey side.

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