Edinburgh brewery launches green beer

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Vault City Brewing has revealed a sour, bright green beer it created in time for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Based in Portobello, Edinburgh, Vault City Brewing is renowned for its creation of experimental beers. Every third Sunday of the month, the brewery unveils three brand-new drinks, recently including guava and passion fruit and sour cherry-flavoured beers. Its new ‘Apple Soor’ beer is sweet and luminous in colour. Reportedly, the flavour of this new creation is based on the popular Apple Sourz beverage.

The brewery has said that many bars and nightclubs have shown interest in its new beer. More than 50 bars have reportedly placed orders for the colourful beverage. These include Edinburgh’s Innis and Gunn, Glasgow’s Shilling Brewery and London’s Craft Metropolis. Produced in 440ml cans and with a 4.7% ABV, the beer can also be purchased from the brewery’s online shop at a price of £4 per can, meaning people can also enjoy the drink at home using their engraved drinkware.

Vault City stated that it was delighted to be able to contribute to St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which took place last Thursday and over the weekend. Using a vast number of different fruits, the brewery has already created beers or all different colours of the rainbow. Now, with its green, sour drink, it is hoping people will be reminded of St Patrick’s Day and Ireland.

Upon the drink’s launch, Vault City Brewing announced that the first 250 online orders received through its online shop would receive a free shot glass.

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