Drinks market enjoys tasty new launches

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With the end almost in sight as lockdown restrictions begin to relax in time for the spring and summer, distillers and brewers have been hard at work developing new and original flavours for some well-known brands. Here are just a few to whet your whistle:

Kopparberg’s Passionfruit & Orange Cider

Following on from the success in 2020 of Kopparberg’s Cherry and Dark fruit rum and its Passionfruit & Orange gin variant, the drinks company is releasing this 4% cider with the end of lockdown in sight. A company spokesman described the variant to the Morning Advertiser as a reminder of better days ahead, with a flavour fans will love.

Eden Mill’s Oak Old Tom Gin

This tipple is the first release from the limited-edition “Distiller’s Choice” gin collection from Eden Mill. Described as a creamy gin that’s lightly spiced, Oak Old Tom Gin is reminiscent of the sweetened gins of the 18th century. The name Old Tom refers to the 1700s, when gin consumption was heavily taxed to prevent drunkenness and drinkers could receive a discreet shot of gin through a cat-shaped wooden plaque placed on the outside wall of pubs.

The Right Stuff by Hepworth & Company Brewery

An organic ale with a fruity, full flavoured 5% ABV kick, the brewery uses organic barley from Sussex and organic American style hops for a uniquely American flavour. The name was inspired by writer Tom Wolfe, who described the qualities needed to become astronauts and supersonic pilots as a combination of skills and “the right stuff”.

Soon, it’ll be time to dust off your favourite engraved drinkware and sample your post-lockdown drink in style.

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