How to choose the right glass for your drink

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If you’re looking to choose the most suitable type of glassware for your tipple this Christmas, this brief guide will help you to choose between a variety of different styles.

Wine glasses

The choice of wine glass depends on the design of the bowl, stem and foot, as these all impact the flavour experienced by the drinker. Red wine glasses typically have a larger bowl compared to white wine glassware. This is so the red wine can be swirled easier, which helps to bring out the aromas.

White wine glasses are usually shorter than red wine glasses and have less surface area to delay oxidation, protecting delicate flavours. Narrow flute glasses are best for sparkling drinks, as the smaller surface area slows down the process of the drink going flat. Engraved flutes make a very personal gift for someone special.

Cocktail glasses

The three most used cocktail glasses are the traditional inverted cone-shaped glass and the highball and lowball. The traditionally shaped cocktail glass is used for drinks being served without ice, as the large mouth of the glass allows the drinker to really enjoy the scent and taste of the beverage. A highball glass is ideal for a ‘tall’ drink served with ice, which often contains a larger amount of non-alcoholic mixer.

Choosing the right kind of glassware for your drinks often has a more significant impact on our enjoyment of the drink than many of us would consider, and by following this guide, you can get the most from your beverages this Christmas.

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