Why there are still reasons to celebrate in 2020

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So far, the year 2020 hasn’t gone how anyone would have imagined, with the coronavirus pandemic taking the world by storm and seeing life come to a halt with government-imposed lockdowns in place around the globe. However, despite these unusual circumstances, there has still been plenty for people to celebrate.

To an extent, life still went on, with new babies still arriving, giving expectant parents and their families a dose of happy, uplifting news that would have brought joy in these difficult times. Furthermore, now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, small weddings are now able to take place, houses are starting to be purchased and driving tests are now resuming. These are now giving people more reasons to raise a toast.

Although exams couldn’t take place this year, thousands of young people will soon receive their A Level results and find out whether they have secured a place at university, landed their dream job or been accepted onto apprenticeships or other schemes.

As well as all of this, many people are still choosing not to visit pubs and restaurants, so most gatherings will take place at home, with fewer guests than usual. Enjoying a glass of bubbly from your favourite engraved champagne glasses can help to make a celebration at home feel just as memorable as any other.

Event though people may not be able to celebrate in person, technology such as video calls can bring people together to celebrate, no matter the occasion, to raise a glass together.

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