How to create a luxury cocktail experience at home

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With coronavirus sticking around for the time being, it’s nice to have a few stay-at-home activities up your sleeve to keep the boredom at bay. As we approach winter, the darker evenings and colder weather make us want to spend more time indoors, but that doesn’t have to stop the fun. A virtual happy hour or home cocktail night might be just what you need to make an evening at home feel like a special event.

You don’t need to be a top bartender or cocktail connoisseur to produce impressive looking drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen. Switching out standard glasses for more unique glassware will instantly elevate your drinks to cocktail bar levels.

Try vintage-style crystal champagne flutes to make your bubbly cocktails shine, perhaps adding fruit, flowers or a sprig of rosemary for an elegant finishing touch.

To add some glamour to the classic gin and tonic, use an engraved gin glass to make your tipple feel extra special. Pairing your choice of gin with the perfect garnishes can also provide that luxury feel, boosting both the appearance and taste of your drink.

If you want to take your home bar up one more notch, an engraved crystal decanter will add some real opulence and style, catering for those who aren’t so keen on cocktails.

Whether you’re enjoying your drinks party with your household, or with friends and family virtually, upping your glassware game is sure to impress, making your evening one to remember.

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