How to create a bar in your garden

For many, 2021 means spending your annual summer holiday at home, as COVID-19 restrictions continue to curb travel to several popular holiday destinations. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get inventive in making your own personal space into a fun and relaxing place to spend your summer. With a little imagination and to suit any budget, you can turn your outside space into the (more…)


Home-brewed beer on the upturn

Many people have taken the time to discover new hobbies and pastimes over the past year or so, and homebrewing is one of them. One of the nation’s favourite tipples, the brewing of beer has been part of Britain’s heritage for centuries, and it has never been easier to set up your own (more…)


Retro drinks to savour this summer

With the pandemic restrictions gradually easing, thoughts of enjoying that great British pastime, the barbecue, are once again at the forefront of our minds. Hot summer days and balmy evenings are the perfect time to sample a tipple or two, and this year’s hot trend is fruit-laden cocktails, slushies, smoothies and spritzers. Here are some ideas for your next (more…)