New racing trophies revealed

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Formula E, the motorsport for single-seater electric racing cars, recently revealed a brand-new trophy for race winners. The new award boasts a fresh design that is inspired by the energy and power of the Gen3 cars that all manufacturers and teams will use going forward. Engraved awards are a long-standing tradition in motorsport and each competition has its own. The Formula One World Drivers’ Championship trophy, for example, is a huge silver jug lined with gold and features the names of every champion since the event began back in 1950.

The new trophy was designed and later engineered by Beta Design Office; a studio based in London. It was produced to coincide with the launch of Formula E’s all-new Gen3 race car. It is the lightest, fastest and most powerful electric racer ever built.

The new race award features an energy burst design that is inspired heavily by the new power features of the cutting-edge electric race car. The vehicle represents the current limits of innovation and sets a pace beyond the boundaries of EV technology. It is the first open wheel electric race car to beat 200mph on the track and acts like a dedicated power station while competing, generating over 40 per cent of energy used during the race itself.

The design brief was to produce an iconic race trophy especially for the Formula E World Championship’s Gen3 era. Beta’s designers were influenced by car components and features multiple fins to represent the drivers and their cars participating. Heatsinks, cores inside a power cable and automotive spokes are also featured.

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