What is the drill technique in glass engraving?

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Perhaps the most popular and versatile glass engraving method, the drill technique allows engravers to use a diverse range of different polishers, burrs, points and stones in either a drill fitted with a flexible drive attachment or a micro motor.

Drill technique tools for beginners

Those new to glass engraving often employ commonly found rotary tools like a Dremel. After attaining some experience and new skills, engravers can progress to working with a flex-shaft attachment or a flexible shaft. This enables glass engravers to hold the handpiece in the same fashion as a large pen.

For those who seek to take their glass engraving skills to the next level, superior but more expensive tools like a micromotor are available. These professional drills offer multiple benefits, including zero vibration and minimal noise, as well as being exceptionally light and easy to hold, making for a more comfortable glass engraving experience.

Safety guidelines for using the drill technique

Engraving using a drill will result in considerable dust production. For this reason, wearing a mask and goggles while working is vital. Additionally, it is wise to always wear long sleeves and ensure no loose hair or items of clothing and jewellery can get tangled in the drill or its cord.

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