Retailer launches cake flavoured gin

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Throughout 2018, gin has proved to be the new big thing in the UK.

With a vast variety of flavours available and a number of quirky choices such as colour-changing and violet options on offer, there’s a type for every taste. Now popular retailer B&M Bargains has gone to the next level by launching two cake-flavoured gins – a move which is guaranteed to send business booming in the run up to Christmas.

Reasonably priced at just £9.99 for a 500ml bottle, the new gins come in Cherry Bakewell and Lemon Drizzle Cake varieties. The irresistible flavours of mouth-watering biscuit, cherry and vanilla or zesty lemon and syrup are sure to please any gin-lover with a sweet tooth.

Of course, cakes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (or glass of gin!) but there are a great many alternative flavours available. According to BBC Good Food’s “best flavoured gins for 2018”, Brits are equally enamoured with the fruity tangs of rhubarb, strawberry and even pineapple-flavoured gins whilst the traditional wonder of sloe gin also remains a firm favourite.

Irrespective of flavour preference, one thing is certain – Britain’s love affair with this surprisingly versatile spirit won’t be ending any time soon. Combined with a tasty tonic, mixed with prosecco or enjoyed neat on ice, gin has certainly struck gold with many in the UK.

So whether you’re still at the amateur stage or consider yourself a gin connoisseur, why not indulge in this spirit in a perfectly engraved gin glass to add that final touch of finesse to your experience?

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