What is the latest summer drink taking the world by storm?

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The hard seltzer, also known as hard sparkling water or spiked seltzer, is a fizzy highball drink made with carbonated water, alcohol, and interesting fruity flavour combinations.

The drink was first invented in the US in 2013, where it has steadily gained popularity. This year, the hard seltzer is making an appearance in Europe, and is now starting to become a favoured tipple in the UK. With its relatively low alcohol content of around 5%, the hard seltzer is proving to be a top choice for chilled out summer days on the beach, garden barbecues and relaxing at home.

Part of the secret behind the success of the hard seltzer is its low sugar content. Since the ready-to-drink beverage is made with carbonated water, it greatly appeals to more calorie-conscious drinkers.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic stopping many people venturing out to pubs, sales of hard seltzers are hitting record highs, with no sign of the market slowing down. The number of brands producing hard seltzers has risen from just 10 in 2018 to over 65 in 2020, with big names such as Coca-Cola, Echo Falls and Brewdog now launching their own editions of the drink.

Many brands are experimenting with new and exciting taste combinations, so there are plenty of varieties to try. The classic fruit flavours will always be popular, but the addition of more subtle and unusual botanical ingredients, such as elderflower, basil and lavender add an extra level of intrigue to these new drinks.

Why not dig out your favourite engraved highball glasses and see whether you think hard seltzers live up to the hype?

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