Understanding the different types of whisky glasses

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Over the years, specific glassware has been designed to help appreciate alcoholic drinks even more. Whisky is no exception. However, unlike some spirits, whisky has a multitude of options which you can consider depending on your preference or the particular tastes of friends or family members you are buying glasses for as a gift. Read on to learn more.

The Copita

Tulip-shaped, this glass is more synonymous with Sherry but has become the expert’s choice. The Copita is much loved by blenders, master distillers and true whisky afficionados. Long-stemmed, it stops the drinker’s hand getting too close to their nose and interfering with the scent. It also has a bowl shape that concentrates the aroma and makes it ideal for warming a single malt whisky when desired.

The Glencairn

Also featuring the tulip shape, this glass is more robust than the Copita. It has a solid base, making it more stable and thicker glass designed for convivial drinking. Its larger size makes it ideal for those learning how to swirl the spirit and appreciate its aromas. A functional relative of the Copita, it is solely used for whisky.

The tumbler

Finally, this glass is the most common for all. While not designed for “nosing”, this plain-shaped option is perfect for drinkers looking for a timeless glass who enjoy whisky with ice or in a cocktail.

Whisky glasses make outstanding gifts for those who enjoy a dram. If you would like to personalise your present and give engraved whisky glasses featuring a name, emblem, or message, we can help. Contact our dedicated team at H. Cooper Glass Engravers for high-quality craftsmanship.

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