Takeaway cocktails – the way forward?

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Let’s be honest – everyone loves a good cocktail! The huge variety of choices available combined with the undeniable sense of sophistication and the added joy of a paper umbrella embellishing your glass is hard to resist. Whether you prefer fruity or fizzy, bitter or sweet, there’s sure to be a blend out there just to your taste.

In the past, mainly due to their complexity and cost, cocktails weren’t always readily available, even on a night out. The luxurious opportunity to sit back and sip a scrumptious, ice-cold cocktail were few and far between, generally restricted to the occasional trip to a snazzy restaurant or trendy bar. Recently, cocktails have become increasingly popular as a growing number of people have begun to appreciate them.

This surge in popularity has sparked a trend which retailers are rushing to take advantage of – takeaway cocktails. The ability to enjoy your favourite mix of flavours from home had previously been unheard of unless you were willing to have a go at creating your own. However, enjoying a cocktail at home has now become a very real possibility.

Whilst there are numerous pre-made options available from your local supermarket, these can sometimes lack in variety and panache.

London has now opened the doors of its very first cocktail deli – complete with fresh ingredients, packaged garnishes and recipe cards – where a bartender is on hand to make cocktails to order. Should it be successful, more could open across the country. So should you be hosting a dinner party, or just fancy a cocktail, you can get one to go and enjoy it at home with one of your favourite engraved cocktail glasses.

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