Women’s brewing celebrated in competition

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With International Women’s Day just behind us and Mother’s Day looming fast, there’s no better time to explore women’s relationship with beer. The 2021 International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day was held alongside International Women’s Day last week, and teams of women, although limited by social distancing measures, competed across the world to bring us some of the best brews.

The team at Wild Card, led by Jaega Wise, has just released an IPA in honour of the first female computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Meanwhile, Cloudwater brewery’s mainly female brewing team has three new brews to choose from, a cocoa and vanilla stout, a pale ale and a triple IPA. Stroud Brewery, led by Chloe Brooks, has replaced its usual casks and kegs for small pack sales, and this has ensured that during the furlough scheme, it has managed to keep its employees in work.

Women have stepped up to the challenges of the past year in many ways, such as creating some brilliant mixed cases of beers and launching crowd-funders for those at the heart of the hard-hit drinks industry. Women have also led the way in making sure that all the processes of brewing are using COVID-secure processes.

While some might think of it as a man’s drink, there are plenty of ladies out there who love to drink a beer, and women have proved themselves to be very successful when it comes to brewing, as highlighted by the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. When searching for a Mother’s Day gift or birthday present for a lady, you could choose a specially engraved glass for her to enjoy a refreshing beer from.

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