How to make the best Irish coffees

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Every January 25th, enthusiasts celebrate National Irish Coffee Day, and 2020 is no exception. To help with the celebrations, here are some Irish whiskey and serving suggestions which will be ideal for making the perfect Irish coffee, whatever the day.

Choosing a good whiskey

For the best results, look for a smooth, complex whiskey which can carry the strong coffee taste. Ideally a blended whiskey is better than a single malt, and there are several good products to choose from, such as Jamesons, Tullemore or for a bit more extravagance the award-winning Roe & Co., which won a Master medal in the 2019 Irish Whiskey Masters.

Making the coffee

The serving glass should always be warmed beforehand, and using a smooth coffee, such as an Americano which should be freshly brewed. Pour around two thirds into the glass. Add a little sugar syrup to sweeten and gently stir, and a generous measure of Irish Whiskey, depending on your taste. Using special heat-resistant engraved glassware with a handle is a sensible idea.

The final pour and garnish

The tricky bit, and one which is a matter of personal preference, is the signature floating of the cream on top. Some suggest using a freshly whipped cream, while others say cream which is at least 48 hours old will float the best. The trick is to slowly pour the cream over the back of a spoon allowing it to float on top of the hot drink. The final flourish is to garnish with two or three coffee beans and a pinch of grated nutmeg.

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