Why Scotch whisky is a good investment

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In the 2018 annual report for whisky valuation specialists, Rare Whisky 101, it was revealed that the sales of rare whisky in UK auction houses had reached record levels, both for volume and value.

A record 107,890 bottles were sold, up by 29% on 2017, and the value of those rare malts had increased 63% to over £40 million. The report highlights the growing trend of purchasing select single malt whiskies for investment. The Rare Whisky 101 investor ranking has revealed the top five most investable brands.


Distilled in Islay at Scotland’s oldest whisky maturation space, the No.1 Vaults. Bowmore has a growing reputation as an investment whisky, yet still remains a popular mainstream drink.


The distillery ceased operation in the 1980s, but rumour has it that production may begin again, and enthusiasts may once more enjoy its annual special releases.


Established on the site of a once illegal still, the Campbeltown distillery is the only one in Scotland to perform all of its processes on-site, from distilling to maturing and bottling.


A favourite at auction, with iconic Macallan releases reaching record amounts. The 1926 Macallan, with a hand-painted label by Irish artist Michael Dillon, fetched £1.2 million at Christie’s Auction House in 2018.


No longer in production, the distillery was the most easterly of all Scotland’s whisky producers. The disused distillery buildings are now owned by an oil firm.

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