Create your own drinks bar at home

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Home entertaining is on the up, and with the availability of a wider range of drinks and spirits than ever before, having a dedicated bar area at home makes perfect sense. With a little imagination you can easily create a personal watering-hole ready to serve up your favourite tipple.

Recycle and Upcycle

Get creative with an old cabinet or sideboard. Once stripped down or repainted, they can be brought back to their former glory. Look through second-hand shops or antique stores for interesting items like old-fashioned serving trolleys or travel chests and trunks. Wooden crates and wine boxes make ideal display shelves for a treasured set of engraved glassware. Anything that can be adapted to hold a few bottles of spirits and glasses will become a talking point at your next get together.

Invest in accessories

Don’t forget the stirrers and shakers that are essential for mixing the perfect cocktail. A glamorous glass ice-bucket or vintage decanter will really set off your bar and coupled with a muddler, strainer and measuring cups, it will look very professional. Buy a good cocktail recipe book and when you have perfected some of the recipes, try experimenting with your own.

Choose a theme

Whether you go for 1930’s glamour with mirrored trays and coupe cocktail glasses or James Bond style for martinis, shaken not stirred, your home bar design is only limited by your imagination. Beach bar or gentleman’s club, whatever you choose, here at H Cooper Glass Engravers we have a wide range of engraved drinkware and decanters to fit in perfectly with any theme.

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