Beer glassware market expected to boom

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According to studies by financial think tank Grand View Research, the global market for beer glassware is expected to grow by around 3.4% by 2025.

This can be attributed to several factors, including the expansion of the craft beer market and low ABV beer, and the rise of alcohol serving outlets, such as bars and restaurants, in developing countries.

The research also highlighted a consumer preference for pints, as they accommodate more alcohol and allow for larger crowning heads, especially for craft beers. The growing popularity of house parties over recent years and the ease of online shopping, means that many more households are more likely to buy speciality beer glasses. Hassle-free delivery, safe transportation and wider choice have made online shopping a major factor in the global increase of the beer glass market.

The growth of microbreweries across Europe has fuelled the demand for local beers, leading to countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium commanding over 30% of the global beer glassware market in 2018. Meanwhile, the industry has also seen a trend towards home-brewing in Denmark, Finland and Germany.

There is no doubt that the upward trend of craft beer popularity could have a big impact on the glassware market. This is the perfect opportunity for breweries and suppliers to provide engraved drinkware promoting local beers and speciality lagers. Glass engraving can help with brand identity and can also be a fun way for home-brewers to enjoy their own beers with friends and family.

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