Platinum Jubilee limited-edition wine launched

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Berry Bros & Rudd, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, has released a limited-edition red wine in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.

Trading from the same shop since 1698, Berry Bros & Rudd is based in London’s St James but now also has offices in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company, which has both an exclusive restaurant and wine school in St James, boasts of holding two Royal Warrants for the Queen and Prince of Wales. In total, 10,000 bottles of the claret will be officially launched in mid-April, meaning people will be able to enjoy the drink in engraved wine glasses if they get their hands on a bottle.

This limited-edition version of the merchant’s Good Ordinary Claret has a label designed by illustrator and printmaker Tom Frost. It features an image of a wine glass with a blossoming tree placed within it. This appears to reflect Berry Bros & Rudd’s sustainability commitment as a company. Some of the sales profits from the Good Ordinary Claret bottles will be going to royal environmental charities, including The Queen’s Green Canopy & Woodland Heritage Trust.

Berry Bros & Rudd has commented stating the importance of ensuring the label design and the choice of charities that would be donated to were in line with the company’s environmental ethos. The company also said that previous Good Ordinary labels have been popular with their customers, with some becoming collectors’ items.

In keeping with the merchant’s commitment to sustainability, the wine bottles have been manufactured capsule free in order to reduce waste.

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