Crystal glass engraving for that special message

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Engraved crystal products make ideal gifts when you have a special message to communicate.

What’s special about crystal?

Crystal is a type of glass that contains lead. European Union regulations define crystal as glass that contains at least 24% lead, a density above 2.90 and a reflective index equal to at least 1.545.

Most crystal glassware is clear and reflects the light. If you hold a crystal glass up to the light, you should see rainbow colours.

Lead on the glass makes it softer, which allows for more detailed designs. You can tell if a glass is a crystal by tapping it with a fork or other hard object, when you will hear a distinctive ringing sound.

Crystal glass is more elegant than standard glass and is regarded as a luxury product.

Affordable luxury

There are many types of engraved crystal objects – drinkware, trophies, bowls, vases and more. Crystal items don’t have to cost a fortune – you can buy an engraved crystal tumbler for less than £10 including engraving, or you could pay over £60 for a premium quality crystal engraved trophy. Crystal glass engraving creates beautiful looking gifts for all budgets.

Useful or decorative?

Engraved crystal gifts can be useful items like drinkware and vases, or purely decorative trophies and awards.

Crystal champagne flutes are ideal for a celebration toast. Engraved with a message about the occasion, they will act as a reminder of the celebration.

Wine lovers appreciate crystal glass, with many believing that wine tastes better from glasses made from crystal. There may be no scientific evidence to back this up, but wine drinking is much more than the taste experience- it’s the aroma of the wine and how it looks. The pleasure of holding a crystal wine glass is a key component of tasting.

There’s also a trend towards beer drinkers wanting craft beers, which small-batch brews with distinctive flavours. Many craft beer drinkers are particular about the glass they drink out of, which is why they appreciate a crystal glass tankard.

A crystal vase or bowl adds elegance to the home. They are meant to be used, whether it’s bowls for fruit or vases for flowers.

Though we may see this as a digital age, people still receive letters through the post. A crystal glass paperweight has its uses and is also an art piece to be admired.

Trophies and awards made from crystal don’t have a practical use, but are there to remind you of great achievements, whether for winning a sports event, being the top talent, a top performer at work or an award for the top business in an industry sector.

The message

Crystal glass engraving is for any time you want to recognise someone with a special message. The message can say many things – ‘congratulations’, ‘thank you’, ‘we couldn’t have done it without you’, or ‘the best dad in the world’. If you have something important to say, say it with crystal glass engraving.

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