The beauty of engraved glass trophies

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Engraved glass trophies are a way of creating stylish looking awards. There are several benefits to using beautifully engraved glass trophies to mark achievements.

Make it unique

Engraved glass trophies come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes them unique is the engraving. Engraving the name of the person receiving the gift makes it personal. A logo or image engraving makes the trophy unique to a business or organisation.

There are many glass trophy styles to choose from. For a special award choose the best quality optic crystal glass. Trophies that include blue coloured glass look striking and are popular.

Cost effective and stylish

Engraved glass trophies are not expensive, and yet they do not look cheap. They come in many elegant shapes – a star, wave, curved and coloured glass can create a special impact for a trophy.

An engraved glass trophy looks elegant and stylish when proudly displayed in the recipient’s home.

Silver trophies are traditional for sporting occasions, but they can look old fashioned. A glass trophy is modern and stylish.

A great way to recognise people

Engraved glass trophies offer an excellent way to recognise employee achievements. Top sales people, customer service operators and team leaders can all be recognised and rewarded with a glass trophy.

If a business rewards their employees, this is good for staff morale. Staff who do exceptional work like to have their achievements formally recognised. An engraved glass trophy can make someone feel special and can be more effective in boosting morale than a bonus.

Staff who receive awards for excellence are likely to keep up a high standard of work. Giving an award at a ceremony in front of the whole department staff motivates the whole team, who know that they can strive to receive the next award. If the award is clearly on display at work, it reminds staff that they have something to aim for. It also makes a good impression for visitors who appreciate that the company cares about its staff.

Individuals can give an engraved glass trophy to mark achievements of friends and relatives. They can mark special family occasions such as graduations, engagements, or a new job. A glass trophy award can simply say thank you to someone who went out of their way to help you.

Intricate designs

Traditionally glass engraving is done by hand using cutting wheels, lathes and drills. Modern engravers use laser beam and sand blasting. Sandblasting is especially effective for producing intricate graphic designs. Most engravers will be able to reproduce a design in glass from artwork provided by a company or individual. Laser and sandblasting are less expensive than hand glass carving.

A rich tradition

Glass engraving has been done for approximately 3,500 years, with the earliest examples found in Mesopotamia. The Romans developed the art and in the 15th and 16th Century, Venetian glass engravers took it to new levels.

The practice of giving personalised glass engraved trophies reflects this long tradition of artistic glass engraving.

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