Engraved whisky glasses can change the drinking experience

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Whisky connoisseurs are particular about the type of glass they drink from. Luxury engraved whisky glasses are ideal for tasting this much cherished drink.

Does the glass change the drinking experience?

Whisky can be drunk out of any glass, or even a paper cup, but connoisseurs agree that the type of whisky glass used changes the experiences of drinking. This is because drinking a good whisky is not just about the taste.

The appearance of the glass is important. The design and look of the glass should appeal. This is subjective, with many drinkers preferring a straight tumbler glass, while others go for more tulip-shaped curved glasses. Some drinkers like the luxury look of cut crystal glass, while others prefer plain glass so that they can clearly see the colour of the whisky.

The glass needs to feel good when held in the hands, with a good weight and size.

An essential part of tasting is the aroma. The glass needs to allow the nose to be placed near it so that the full aroma of the spirit can be smelt before drinking.

The type of whisky you drink matters. A blended whisky is fine for everyday drinking, but for special occasions, a single malt aged whisky is an indulgent treat.

Invoking memory

Memory can play a part in drinking whisky. Perhaps you have visited a small whisky distillery in Scotland and bought one of its special single malt bottles. Every time you pour a measure of the amber liquid, you are reminded of your trip.

Giving an engraved whisky glasses to a close friend or loved one reminds them of your friendship, especially if the engraving contains both your names.

Businesses give engraved whisky glasses to members of staff who have achieved outstanding results. Each time they drink from there glass, they think about their achievements. Sporting clubs present engraved whisky glasses to winners.

Whisky glasses are given to mark special occasions and achievements, be they weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, getting that high prestige job, or passing an exam.

Both text and images can be engraved on whisky glasses. People proudly display their special glasses in their homes or at the office. Engraved whisky glasses are not there to be only admired, they should be used too. Each time they are brought out, the engraved message and image invokes memories and creates positive feelings.

Not just for whisky

There is no rule that says only whisky can be drunk from whisky glasses. If you have an alcohol-free month or stop drinking altogether, try an alcohol-free craft spirit. A couple of ice cubes in a whisky glass with a nonalcoholic spirit is a sophisticated way to enjoy drinking with a clear head and no hangover the next day.

Personalised gift

If you are struggling to think of a present to buy someone you care about, engraved whisky glasses make ideal presents. Include a personal message that shows how much they are appreciated, and present the whisky glass in a special presentation box.

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