Engraved wine glasses – the ideal personalised gift

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Engraved wine glasses make ideal personalised gifts for anyone that likes wine.

The present dilemma

We often struggle to find a suitable gift for a friend or relative. You can spend hours online shopping sites, or wandering around the shopping mall looking for that ideal gift.

The question is often asked:

“What do you get for the person who has everything?”

The answer is a personalized present which is a great way to communicate that you care. They express how you feel. Giving a personalised gift makes a present unforgettable, and each time it is used, the message on the gift reminds the recipient of the person who gave them the gift.

Why engraved glasses?

There are many types of personalised gifts, from inexpensive pens to engraved watches costing thousands of pounds. Engraved wine glasses are a good choice because they are premium quality items that are still affordable.

Engraved wine glasses can contain a message and images. Engraved with a dedication to someone they become unique gifts. They look good displayed on a shelf or display cabinet, but they are there to be used, to have wine poured in them and enjoyed.

For every budget

There are engraved wine glasses to suit every budget. They start at less than £10 including the cost of engraving, or you could choose crystal glass if you want to spend a little more. You can buy single glasses or sets of between two and six glasses. A pair of engraved wine glasses make good presents for a couple. Most glass engravers sell wine glasses in presentation boxes that make the gift more special.

For every occasion

Engraved wine glasses make great gifts for all occasions. They can be engraved with a serious message or dedication, or contain humorous and fun text

They make good wedding, birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents. Engraved glasses can mark an achievement such as getting a new job or passing an exam. Businesses give engraved wine glasses for outstanding employee or team achievements.

Engraved wine glasses can express gratitude, say thank you to someone who has helped and given their support at a difficult time.

You can give engraved wine glasses for no particular occasion and for no particular reason other than because you feel like it. People love surprise presents that they were not expecting, given simply because the giver felt like being generous and expressing how they felt about someone they love.

Making wine special

Wine lovers tend to be somewhat particular about the type of glass they drink their wine from. They particularly don’t want to drink expensive wine from cheap glasses. Engraved wine glasses are premium quality glasses that enhance the experience of drinking fine wine. They may not make the wine taste better, but they add to the experience of enjoying good wine.

Next time you struggle to think of a present for someone you care about, consider engraved wine glasses. They will no doubt appreciate that you have made an extra effort to give them a unique, personalsied gift.

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