Wine glass engraving makes a gift personal and special

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A premium quality wine glass looks beautiful, but what makes it truly personal and special is wine glass engraving.

Why are personalised gifts best?

When you need to give a special gift, you might be overwhelmed by the vast choice available. If you are giving a present to someone who is fairly affluent, it might be difficult to find something that they do not already have.

Most gifts are mass-produced and sometimes lack a special, individual touch. The ideal gift provides value, joy and shows how much you care about someone. You want to see a loved one smile in appreciation as they unwrap your present. Personalized gifts provide all this and more.

Personalised wine glasses for any occasion

If a friend, colleague or loved one appreciates good wine, then they will love a quality wine glass. Personalised wine glasses, when complete with engraving, become special gifts as well as practical ones.

Any occasion can be one to give engraved wine glasses. Choose between red, white glasses for still wine, and champagne flutes for sparkling varieties.

Raising a glass in a toast is the traditional way to celebrate an occasion or congratulate someone, but it’s over in an instant. Taking a glass home that is engraved with a message to commemorate the occasion is a long-term reminder. Every time wine is sipped from the glass, it brings back memories.

The occasion could be a notable one such as an engagement, anniversary or birthday, but sometimes you might just want to transform an ordinary someone’s day into a special one. An engraved wine glass can simply say “thank you for being there for me.”

Combine the gift of a vintage bottle of wine with a set of engraved wine glasses to drink the wine from.

Composing the message

Wine glass engraving can include any words you like. It can record the name of the person or people being congratulated, can be humorous, and can express gratitude or congratulations. Obviously, there are space restraints on a wine glass, so a long engraved poem is not practical, but a lot can be said in a few short words. You can also add an image or logo to the message.

If you get stuck for ideas, there are websites with suggested engraved messages. Perhaps consider wise or profound quotes from famous people. Don’t be afraid to copy ideas, as it’s unlikely that the person receiving the wine glasses will know that your message is not original.

Wine glass engraving is beneficial for any business that wants to reward employee performance or give to VIP clients. Messages can express what the employee award is for and the name of the person receiving the award. For the special client, recognise their brand loyalty and thank them for their business.

Engraving makes a useful present into an elegant and special one. Owners of engraved wine glasses rarely keep them hidden away, instead choosing to display them with pride on a shelf or in a display cabinet.

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