Recognise and reward your star employees with engraved glass trophies

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Recognition and rewards motivate employees and those working alongside them. Engraved glass trophies are the ideal way to mark outstanding achievements.

Recognition and rewards

Employee recognition is a way of letting employees know that they have done well. Recognition can be simply expressing praise at a meeting or saying thank you to them in front of their colleagues. Regularly praising employees motivates them and makes them feel happier working for a business. Studies have found that companies that have a culture of recognition have greater staff retention.

Employee recognition has been shown to increase productivity, give staff confidence in solving problems and creates loyalty amongst staff. A key element of leadership is rewarding staff for good work.

The way recognition is expressed varies. Sometimes words of praise are enough, but when outstanding work has been achieved, or sales targets vastly exceeded, a more permanent form of recognition is better.

Money rewards are always welcome, but research has found that many workers prefer non-cash rewards. Money goes into an employee’s bank account and is soon forgotten. An engraved glass trophy will be displayed proudly on a worker’s desk as a long-term reminder that their excellence at work has been rewarded.

Team building

Team building events have many benefits. They improve morale, help develop leadership skills, improve problem-solving abilities and identify strengths and weaknesses in teams.

Team building programs are usually held away from the workplace and involve various activities that set up an objective for the team to achieve. By pooling their resources, teams are encouraged to cooperate to achieve a common goal. Often, the teams are a mix of managers and non-manager employees. If the objective is achieved present the team with an engraved glass trophy.

A less intense form of team building is to hold an evening sports event, darts at the local pub, visiting a bowling alley or go-kart track. Choose a sport like go-karting where participants do not have to be super fit or highly skilled to take part. Award engraved glass trophies to the winners of the events.


Engraved glass trophies are very versatile as they can have any message engraved on them, and can include the company logo. As well as rewarding employees for outstanding work, or as prizes for team building events, they make great retirement gifts that express gratitude for loyal service. They can mark significant milestones in a company’s life, such as the anniversary of the company’s founding, the first £1 million-plus turnover yea, or the starting of a new division.

Engraved glass trophies come in many shapes and sizes. Traditionally, they are made with clear glass but coloured glass is an option. Give a star-shaped engraved glass trophy for the star employee of the month, or a shield-shaped one for IT specialist who has successfully stopped hackers penetrating the company’s IT system.

The next time you want to say thank you or well done to an employee who has gone above and beyond what was expected of them, why not say it with a personalised engraved glass trophy?

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