Engraved brandy glasses make great gifts

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An engraved brandy glass is a personalised gift that is ideal for all occasions.

The snifter

The traditionally shaped brandy glass is often known as a brandy snifter. Though it looks aesthetically pleasing, it’s not shaped that way simply because it looks good; it’s designed to hold a small amount of brandy. The rounded shape allows the brandy aroma to circulate. As you sip brandy, your nose enters the glass so that the experience affects two senses – taste and smell.

There is another sense involved in sipping brandy – touch. The snifter is made from thin glass or crystal and is shaped so that the fingers can easily wrap around it. This feels comforting to many drinkers. Brandy should not be drunk cold, so wrapping your fingers around the glass helps keep the brandy warm.

Some experts prefer a tulip-shaped glass, but traditionalists stand by the brandy snifter.

The gift that lasts

An engraved brandy glass is a gift that lasts. It can be placed in a display cabinet to be admired from afar, but it is better to use it for what it was made for – to drink brandy. A good-quality engraved brandy glass will come with a presentation box. Many people love to keep the box. After washing and drying their brandy glass, they lovingly replace the glass in the box to protect it.

Engraved glasses are personalised gifts that can be given for a number of purposes. They can mark a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding. Businesses can give glasses to mark an employee’s achievements. They can say thank you to someone that is special to you.

For men only?

Brandy is traditionally regarded as a man’s drink. Brandy producer Courvoisier does produce Courvoisier Rosé and Gold which they describe as more feminine, but most of their marketing is aimed at men.

However, many women appreciate the taste and aroma of fine brandy and would love their own engraved brandy glass. It’s a misconception to see brandy as masculine.

Personalize it

The wonderful thing about engraved brandy glasses is that they can contain your own unique message. It is even possible to have an image etched onto the glass. An engraved brandy glass is a luxury item that can cost less than a bottle of brandy. Even a top-quality glass can be purchased and engraved for less than two bottles of brandy.

Present a brandy glass to commemorate a special occasion and every time the glass is used it will rekindle fond memories.

Banish boring gifts

Sometimes you struggle to find gift ideas for someone special. Engraved brandy glasses are unique gifts that can never be boring. If you know someone special that likes the finer things in life such as brandy, give them an engraved brandy glass. They will appreciate it much more than an ‘ordinary’ present such as socks, a bottle of wine or a pair of slippers.

Banish boring presents with the gift of a personalised engraved brandy glass.

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