Engraved crystal trophies – a great way to reward achievements and express gratitude

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Engraved crystal trophies are suitable for giving by organisations or presenting to a friend or family member, and are a wonderful way to either say thank you or commemorate an achievement.

Rewarding achievements

We all have things to achieve every day, but sometimes we are faced with difficult challenges. Entering a sports race or other competitions mean that you are competing against others and winning deserves recognition. It is better if this is in a physical form with a medal, certificate or better still, a trophy

The psychology of trophies

When a trophy is declared as the prize for a competition or other form of high achievement, it motivates the participants. They have a goal to achieve and the possibility of a trophy inspires them to push beyond the boundaries of their usual performance levels.

The goal of winning a trophy creates a sense of commitment, as participants will practice harder and more often.

When someone is engaged in an activity with total focus, it induces what psychologists call a sense of flow which is an elevated change in awareness where time seems to slow down and there is little thought except for awareness of the activity. Flow states are more likely to occur when a skill has been mastered and can be operated without needing thought. Motivation and commitment are required to put in the hours it takes to master a skill. The reward of a trophy creates the motivation.


Gratitude has been described as an emotion that expresses appreciation. We all like to be thanked when we have helped someone. Gratitude helps raise self-esteem, and does not necessarily require reciprocity. If I express my gratitude to you, there is no need for any action on your part.

Sometimes verbal gratitude is not enough, people like to give a gift that expresses gratitude. This can be in the form of flowers, chocolates, or other traditional thank you gifts. A trophy is a gift that is more personal as it can be engraved with a message that puts the gratitude into words.

The value of engraved crystal trophies

Whether you want to reward achievement or express appreciation, it is important to choose the best form of trophy.

A trophy does not have to be expensive, what it represents and the engraved message is its primary value. Enraged crystaltrophies can be bought for less than £20 including engraving. Of course, you can spend much more than this if you want a luxury award.

Engraved glass awards come in many shapes. They can be a simple rectangle or circle – or you could choose a shape that is appropriator for the type of award, such as a sports shirt shaped award for sporting achievements.

Engraved crystal trophies can be enhanced with any message and image to mark the occasion and make them special to the recipients, who will treasure their award for the rest of their lives and want to put it proudly on display.

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